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    Xuzhou Datang Chemical Co., Ltd.


    Phosphorus trichloride
    Product name: Phosphorus trichloride
    CAS No.: 7719-12-2
    EINECS No.: 231-749-3
    Molecular weight: 137.333
    Molecular formula:


    InChI: InChI=1/3ClH.P/h3*1H;/q;+3/p-3
    Structural formula:
    Melting point: -112℃
    Water solubility: reacts
    Boiling point: 75.5℃
    Uses: It is mainly used in the manufacture of the raw materials of organophosphorus pesticides, such as dipterex, methamidophos and acetyl methamidophos and Kitazine The pharmaceutical industry is used to produce sulfadiazine (S.D) and Sulfameter (S.M.D).Dye industry is used for the condensation agent of naphthol